our storey

STOREY Architects is an architecture and design studio, situated in Israel.

Over the years we have been involved in designing and constructing a variety of projects of different scales and programmes around the world.
Collaborative work is an important aspect of our projects and as such the studio collaborates with a number of architects, mainly in Israel and Singapore on a variety of construction projects as well as architectural competitions.

In our planning and design process we investigate and  respond to the building and the user’s surrounding built and natural environment.  We take careful consideration to create bespoke solutions to the specific project and to the quality of making.  The belief that ‘green construction’ and responsible architecture are not a trend but a necessity that arises from our responsibility to the place we live in and the next generations guides us in finding solutions that are creative and fitting to the place and the budget in a working process in which the client plays an important part.

A partial list of projects in which the Studio’s architects took part in, in STOREY’s work as well as working for other architectural offices in London, Tel-Aviv and Singapore:
Offices for ‘Phoenix Insurance Group’ (Israel, built), Duplex in a Listed building in Jaffa (Israel, built), Private houses (Israel, planned), Visitor Centre for ‘Phoenix Insurance Group’ (Israel, under construction), ‘Delek Energy’ Headquarters (Israel, built), Business Hotel (UK, built), Conservation and Addition to a Listed building (UK, planned), Conservation and renovation of a restaurant complex (Singapore, built), Bamboo house in an earthquake zone (Peru, built), Urban plan for a mixed-use area (UK,  planned), Interior design of apartments in a luxury tower (UK, built), Urban wastewater treatment infrastructure  (Mexico, planned), Children’s playground design (Israel, planned).

We are registered architects in Israel and Great Britain, as well as qualified Sustainable Building Consultant (by the Standards Institute of Israel).